Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Easiest Exercise Ever!

Its called Running. Now before you stop reading my blog altogether, hear me out on this one.

This weekend I spent in Mass. (hence this post is a day late), with some family. For the trip I bought the book Born To Run. The book is amazingly well written and a great read altogether. It rekindled my passion for running. I have been running barefoot for three years now and I only grow to like it more each time I step outside.

Now, I am not saying you go out with no shoes and start running. While I believe in this method, I don't believe it is for everyone, so if you decide to do it, put in your research before. For the rest of you, as well as all my clients I do recommend running. Why? You burn serious calories doing it for one. Running burns 100 calories per mile. IF you are in any shape at all you can go1-2 miles easy, adding 100-200 calorie deficit to a workout in only 15-30 min. Then there is the benefit to your heart, and since Cardiovascular diseases are so rampant in the U.S., that should be reason enough alone.

What makes it the easiest exercise ever though? You need very little equipment. Just shoes, and those are debate-able. Since you don't need much equipment, you have no excuses for not working out. For those of you that think running is terribly hard or just plain terrible, I would challenge you this. Try it for two weeks. The more you run the better you get at it, the easier it gets, the farther you go. To get started try this routine. Jog as far as you can go, than walk double that amount of time. For instance, if you can only jog for 10 minutes, follow that up with a 20 min walk. You'll find yourself increasing your time each day.

Good luck, and get outside. Summer doesn't last long, so take advantage!


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