Monday, April 11, 2011

Meal Arrangement

Are your weight loss goals stalled even though you've been eating a strict diet? Have you considered the order of your meals as the culprit? I was once told that in a slump, look at when you ate what to help break out of it. Think of when you eat your big meals, chances are they are probably toward dinner time. However this is opposite of what we should be doing. Bigger meals should be at breakfast. Why? Well think about it logically, your morning meal is the first meal you have eaten after a long (hopefully 8 hrs) fast, aka break-fast. Furthermore, you have a whole day of calorie burning ahead of you. In contrast, dinner should be light. You've already done most of your calorie burning by this point in the day and will in all likelihood be sedentary until bed time.
Arranging your meals in this fashion could alone be enough to knock you out of your slump, however I like to add another facet to this for improved weight loss. That is I tell my clients to eat all starchy and grain based carbohydrates prior to 2 pm. So eat all rice, bread, and potatoes before 2pm. Why? Because these are higher to medium glycemic foods that break down relatively easily in our bodies. This means they are a quick source of energy. If they energy is not burned off, it gets stored either as glycogen, or fat. And if your glycogen stores are already full, guess where it goes? Keep these tips in mind and you'll be well on your way to the body you want. Happy Eating


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