Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today I finally got a break from the rain ans was able to get out to Hoff Woods park and do some barefoot running. Running barefoot is one of my favorite activities, and I am a big advocate of not wearing shoes to exercise, be it weights, running, or anything else! Training without shoes improves your proprioception, and furthermore, your balance. Since the number one lawsuit against personal training studios is slip and fall, trainers would do well to train improve their clients balance, and barefoot training is a great way to do it! "But, Jason," so say, "what if I drop weights on my toe? Aren't I more protected with shoes on?" Maybe, if you are wearing steel toe boots to train in. More often than not, people are wearing mesh top tennis shoes to train in,and if you think that 1mm of mesh is going to protect you from 45lbs falling 4 ft, you are sorely mistaken. Barefoot running is not everyone, but training barefoot should make up at least some part of every one's training.
For more info visit marksdailyapple.com or therunningbarefoot.com. These guys both know their stuff.

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