Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Protein or no Protein

So today, I want to talk about protein supplements. Protein supplements come in all kinds of forms, but the most common is the whey powder. This supplement is made from the whey protein in milk. It is a fast digesting protein and as such enters you system quickly. This makes it the post workout drink of choice for many athletes. However, are they necessary for the general fit person? The answer is not really black and white. The quick answer is no, and you should meet all your daily protein needs through whole real foods. The real answer is maybe. Protein shakes are great for quick on the go nutrition as the powder can be stored anywhere. Throw a protein shake, some berries and a few veggies and you got your self a meal with no time. They also make great smoothies. These supplements are generally safe for general population, but keep a few considerations in mind. These supplements are almost pure protein, so they do not constitute a meal on there own. They also are not meal replacements (some are, but are labeled as such), and using them to replace x amount of meals is not healthy or safe. They also can be expensive and taste bad, but again this cost is what you pay for convenience. So, in summary, whether you take them or not doesn't matter as long as you meet your daily protein needs. People, (mostly athletes) with elevated protein needs will find them usful to help meet those needs, and the general population may turn to them for convenience.


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