Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Setting Goals

Ok, so if your reading this, you have some goal you are trying to obtain fitness wise, whether it is to run faster, jump higher, or lose weight. To reach these bigger goals, you'll want to set smaller goals each day, week, and month. However, the type of goals you set can make or break your training program and determine whether or not you reach your goals. Goals like losing weight or jumping higher are more results than goals. They may be your final objective, but you actually have very little control over the results (hang with me). What you do have control over is the effort you put into task that can help you reach or maximize said result. These are termed Process Goals. Process goals are tasks that you have control over and you will succeed in given you put in the effort. For example, wanting to lose 20 lbs is a outcome, or result and you have little control over this. However, process goals for this outcome include jogging 30 min each day. Can you see the difference? You can jog 30 min every day. The only thing keeping you from jogging is your motivation. You can't will yourself to lose 20 lbs, it takes exercise and proper nutrition. Basically to reach the goal you have to focus not on the goal but on the things that get you there. Think of a set of stairs. If your goal is to reach the top, but you focus only on getting there you won't. You have to focus on HOW to get there, so you take one step after another until you reach the top. By setting Process Goals, you can achieve success every day, theoretically increasing your motivation. If you focus only on the result, and not how to get there you will stall and lose motivation.

In conclusion, set day by day, even meal by meal or session by session goals that require only effort for success. In doing this, you need only to put forth the effort and you will experience success daily.


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