Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Are you eating enough?

Are you eating enough to reach your weight loss goals? Thats right, I said are you eating enough? If you're not, your body could be storing more fat and losing muscle! this may result in a smaller number on the scale, but your body will be flabby and shapeless. To figure out how many calories you need, take you're weight and add a zero. This number is roughly the amount of calories you burn just by existing. If you exercise or are active at all you need to add between 200 and 500 hundred calories to this number. Here's the kicker though, active females should not eat less than 1400 calories and males, 1800 calories. Personally i have my female clients eat no less than 1500 and my male clients 2000 for weight loss in general, but your weight and activity level influence this number. The trick to losing weight here is to make sure your getting a minimum of 4 hours or exercise between 65% and 75% of you max heart rate a week. If you can try and get five days at 1 hr each day, 1 day of 30 min at a light intesity (i.e. a moderate pace walk), and 1 day of complete rest you'll reach your goals even faster. Remember though, not all calories are equal. Eat whole natural foods that are as un-processed as possible for maximum nutritional value.


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