Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Get a full home gym for free!! (aka your body as a gym)

Actually, GOD already created one for you. It is you! ok so hopefully you aren't here looking for a free home gym (but if you are you might as well stay right?), but its true, body weight exercises can do great things for your body, and the nice thing about it is you always have it with you. There are several body weight exercises that you have probably heard of, i.e. squats, pushup, and the like, but today I want to give you some new stuff that you can change things up with. First we have the burpee, or squat thrust, this exercise work your core and legs. For added difficulty, throw in a pushup to engage you chest as well. The nice thing about this exercise is that has a nice cardio aspect to it as well.
Next we are going to do some back work. Now body weight stuff for you back is hard to do with out equipment, but any sort of sturdy desk or overhang will allow you to do reverse pushups, or hanging rows.
Shoulders can be worked by putting your feet on a bed or chair and then bringing your torso vertical. this allows you to do vertical pushups.
These are just a few things that can be done in an office, hotel room, or home with little to no equipment. My disclaimer with this workout is that it is by no means a full body workout, just some interesting stuff to throw into your BW routine, or a regular workout.

*make sure that desk is really sturdy!


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