Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday's workout

Ok, so enough rants, today I'm going to give you the goods. This is a 30 min workout that should raise your heart rate and challenge both your anaerobic system Creatine phosphate system and your fast glycolysis systems.

KB Swing 2x15
Staggered pushup 2x15
Lat Raises 2x15
Weighted Situps 2x15

400 yard run

Reverse Lunge 2x15
Bent Rows 2x15
Burppee 2x15
Russian Twists 2x20

400 yard run

This workoutcan be challenging, so start the first set with easy weights and move to heavier ones when you feel comfortable. Most of these exercises can be found on the internet, or consult your trainer. Have a great Monday!

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