Monday, March 28, 2011

The Bounty of Nature

Why is pre-packaged and overly processed food bad for us? shouldn't we praise the wonders of 20th century food technology? NO! prepackaged and pre-processed food means pre-digested food. Why is that bad you might ask? These foods are making us fat. They do this because foods that are processed are often done so to make them cook faster for convenience. the problem with this is that it often strips foods of vitamins, minerals and fiber. This is significant because our bodies burn more calories to digest fiber laden foods. Thus, when a food is processed, even though it may be similar in caloric value to an un-processed counterpart, we net intake more calories from it. So to put it in simple terms, if we eat 2200 calories of processed food, we might net gain 2000 calories from it whereas if we ate un-processed food, we would intake less because we would burn more calories digesting it. So lets be more efficient in what we eat and get back to nature. Try and eat foods that are as close to nature as possible (i.e. brown rice, fresh fruit and veggies)

Hopefully this helps your weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals


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