Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A word on your diet

Eat a well balanced diet. Eat fruits and lots of veggies. Get enough protein (.8 grams per KILOGRAM of body weight). Severly limit sugar. Don't be afraid of fat. This is the very basics of the diet plan I give my client. After reading it, you've probably realised that you've been hearing this for years in school. Guess what, the government got this one right. The 1 thing I usually add is that you should eat as close to nature as possible. Eat real food that hasn't been processed or enriched in any way. You'll feel better and your body will burn calories more effectively resulting more weight loss and better results! Fad diets will do just that, cause a passing fad in your weight loss goals. I only recommend 3 supplements to my clients, Fish oil (to help fight inflammation and cardiovascular disease), a multi-vitamine (nobody's diet is perfect, and this helps fill in the gaps) and for athletes or vegetarians, whey protein (helps fill in amino acid defciencies, easy, for athletes who are picky eaters or need additional protein). It's that simple guys, eat good foods every two-three hours. Most of you know what is good and bad, just do it. If you have questions on your diet, come see me at Infinity Fitness and we can work with your diet and fitness level to help you reach your goals.


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