Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Path to Success

Had an extended conversation with my boss yesterday. It's incredable how passionate he is about what he does and the good he does in peoples lives through fitness. It got me thinking about my goals, both financialy and physically, as a personal trainer. What I have come to learn about fitness is that it says a lot about your life as a whole. When I am dedicated to my fitness goals, I am better at my job, but beyond that, I am better about spending time with the LORD, better at loving my fiance, I am more productive during the day. See, being passionate about fitness isn't just about wanting to look good, those people only occasionally meet there goals. Being passionate about fitness is about living well, and that translates to all areas of your life. The people that get that, that being healthy is a lifestyle that is about being healthy in all areas of your life, those are the people that meet there goals the fastest. In the end, it was never about x amount of lbs or inches, in the end its about your life and if you want to live well, or struggle by.


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